What happens to an Estate when a person passes away

Executry Administration

When a person passes away the process involved in ingathering and distributing their estate is known as “executry administration”. 

A sensitive and responsive service

Lows have an extensive executry administration department, comprising 2 Solicitors with qualified paralegal support staff.  The aim is to provide a sensitive and responsive service at a time when families and loved ones are often distressed and confused. Key tasks include identifying whether it is appropriate for an estate to be wound up under Scots Law of Succession and identifying whether there is a valid Will.  Executors are advised on their role and responsibility in executry administration. 

Lows will attend to all necessary work in investigating the extent of the deceased’s estate including tracing lost/dormant accounts and assets located abroad. 

Our services also include tracing otherwise lost beneficiaries.  Where inheritance or any other form of tax falls to be paid from the estate, this is done with the intention of ensuring that no excess tax is paid.  “Deeds of Family Arrangement” are sometimes appropriate and need to be drawn up with expert professional guidance. 

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Duncan Hill
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