Lows help you to manage problems constructively  when they arise

The focus of our advice to commercial clients is, of course, to ensure that their businesses run smoothly and, all being well, that they never encounter problems with, for example, contractual disputes, employment issues or investigation/enforcement action by regulatory authorities such as local authority, health and safety executive and the like. 

There are, however, times when even the best run businesses can find themselves in a dispute and at Lows we have extensive experience in helping clients to resolve these as straightforwardly and cost effectively as possible. 


Contractual disputes

We have advised clients on interpretation of contracts they have entered into and the likely effect of any breach of contract.  We regularly advise on Contracts of Employment and general issues of Employment Law.  

Compromise Agreements

We prepare appropriate documentation to set out terms upon which disputes are resolved and where required can ensure these are properly registered or lodged in Court.  In employment disputes so-called “Compromise Agreements” are highly regulated and often require to be signed off by a qualified Solicitor to become effective.  We are well-versed in advising both employers and employees in relation to these Agreements.

A proactive approach 

We are also happy to provide clients with proactive advice, e.g. on drafting standard conditions of sale/supply and so as to try to minimise future problems.

When disputes can't be resolved, it's good to have Lows in your corner

In cases where clients may wish to use mediation or formal Alternative Dispute Resolution we have links with established providers in this area.

David Fairnie
David Fairnie