Lows are here to help resolve family disputes

At Lows we have been advising and guiding our clients through the maze of Family Law throughout our practice history and we aim to offer a personal tailored service to deal with our client’s needs sympathetically and effectively. 

Lows understand that family disputes are rarely simple. We will try to help secure advice that's right for you

No two relationships are the same and when difficulties occur it is not about “out of the box” solutions.  At Lows we work with a number of other agencies including counselling and mediation, health and social work who can all become involved when there are difficulties in a relationship.  We will always encourage our clients to use reconciliation and mediation services where these are available and we definitely do not think that litigation is the solution to every problem.  We are committed to assisting clients in the constructive resolution of family disputes.

Our service is wholly confidential and in most circumstances we offer a free initial interview so that we can identify a client’s potential needs and give them initial pointers on action they can consider. 

Working in the best interests of the parties involved

Family issues can be stressful, particularly where children are involved.  Where children are at the centre of any relationship dispute we know that there is a need for great sensitivity.  The law in Scotland requires that in any family dispute where there are children involved the interests of the children should be put above everything else. 

Recent developments in Scottish legislation mean that when cohabiting couples separate they may have rights in respect of financial claims.  This is a fast developing area of law and we can advise on how the law may affect an individual in their particular circumstances.  We can also advise on cohabitee rights in succession after death.

We regularly advise on:

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Cohabitation
  • Civil partnership
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements

Lows can help find resolutions by negotiation, not just litigation


Thankfully, in many cases where relationships breakdown issues relating to child residence and contact, financial matters and property can be resolved by negotiation.  We will work collaboratively with other Solicitors where appropriate to try to find scope for negotiated settlement.  We are aware that most people want their Lawyer to resolve their problems and not just place them on a conveyor belt which leads directly to Court.  Often matters can be resolved by parties entering into a formal Separation Agreement and we have extensive experience in preparing these.

Where litigation does need to be embarked on we will strive to represent our clients and present their case in Court to the best of our ability.  Sometimes in doing this we have to be a candid friend and advise our clients not place unrealistic demands before the Court or to expect that a Court declares who is the winner and who is the loser in a relationship dispute.  That is not how things work.  All Courts expect all Solicitors involved in cases calling before them to do the utmost to narrow down areas of dispute between the parties and to try to resolve matters informally as far as is possible.

David Fairnie regularly acts in Family Law matters and all of our other Solicitors are happy to be a point of contact for clients and to give informal, unbiased advice on the many occasions when somebody just wants initial advice on where they stand and what they might need to do to resolve any problems.

Lows also have excellent access to the services of specialist Family Law practices and Advocates and Solicitor-Advocates outwith Orkney practising in this area.

David Fairnie
David Fairnie