Your property is unique and at Lows we want to make sure the market knows that. You can benefit from our experience to make sure that your sale runs as smoothly as possible.


Realistically it can take a few weeks to put a property on the market especially if a Home Report is needed. Please discuss with us if you need your property to be marketed urgently. We’ll try our best to help.


Put your house in order  

Make sure that if you have anything like an outstanding building warrant you deal with it as quickly as possible Experience shows that it is always easier to deal with these matters without the pressure of a looming moving date.


Anything you can do to de-clutter your house is likely to improve its appeal to prospective purchasers. For most of us a trip to the recycling centre is an uplifting experience anyway!

Repairs and renewals


Making sure that your house looks as well looked-after as possible is a very good idea.It’s amazing how often prospective purchasers will be put off by the smallest thing not right. 

Sort out the garden 

Many prospective purchasers won’t even venture as far as your beautiful , newly de-cluttered house if the garden is lacking TLC If things have got seriously out of hand then it may be worthwhile considering getting a professional garden contractor in to do the hard work.

Extensions and improvements 

If you have consents to extend/improve your property then discuss with us whether you should carry out the work or hand the consents over to your buyer. Remember that what may be to your taste and liking may not be to theirs!

Set a budget 

You’ll have some ‘up-front’ expense for example the cost of obtaining a Home Report. While some costs such as estate agency commission will only be payable at completion of a sale it is a good idea to fix a budget as early as possible. We are always happy to discuss costs with sellers at the outset and on a no-obligation basis.

Title deeds LowsPropertyAdvice.jpg

If you have your titles then it’s helpful for our conveyancing solicitors to have access to them as early as possible. This can help them identify potential problems and , where possible, resolve matters  before you are under any sale pressure. If your titles are held by other solicitors or by a lender it will help to have contact details.

Be available

Once your house is on the market prospective purchasers will expect to be able to view at reasonably short notice. We will always try and fix viewings for a mutually convenient time but if you are going to be away for any length of time e.g on holiday then please make arrangements with a friend or relative to accompany viewers or ask us to arrange accompanied viewings. When you are away please leave us contact details so we can get in touch about any significant developments e.g an offer being submitted.


If a property is subject to a tenancy then please make sure that property notice to quit is given to the tenant. Property can be marketed with a sitting tenant but it is potentially complicated to do this and legal advice should be sought to avoid problems arising later.

Don't necessarily choose the cheapest agent

A quality estate agent will help you sell your property faster, and with less hassle. Whilst nobody likes to pay excessive fees in estate agency, fees are only a small percentage of overall sale price and a cut-price service might bring the risk of a cut-corner service.


Andrew Bonner
Andrew Bonner
Property Manager