Let Lows take the stress out of leasing your property

The property team at Lows have extensive experience in leasing all kinds of properties.  If you are a potential landlord we can help with advertising, tenant selection, setting up a lease and on-going factoring and management. 

Great Value for Money

Our feeing and charging structure is flexible, and very good value, for the peace of mind you get, knowing that Solicitors are looking after your property and all of the protections that come with that. 


Our services for Tenants

For prospective tenants we can help keep you up-to-date with rental properties coming onto the market, and we can advise on legal aspects of tenancy and leasing documents. 

We have the necessary experience should any problems arise

 Lows Court Solicitors have extensive experience in Recovery and Eviction  Law and landlords faced with difficult tenants can benefit from informed and practical advice on litigation and alternatives to litigation when faced with tenancy problems. 

Lows can help with commercial leases as well

We also act for many commercial property owners and can help in setting up all types of commercial leases including retail, industrial and licensed premises.  

Andrew Bonner
Andrew Bonner
Property Manager