Lows have extensive experience in advising companies

As Scottish Solicitors we are comfortable offering advice in most aspects of commercial and business law.  We advise clients in many sectors of the Orkney economy including agriculture and aquaculture, maritime and fishing, tourism and leisure, construction and renewables.  We provide advice to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies alike. 

Lows stand the test of time

In the case of many family businesses we have been advisers through several generations and we pride ourselves on longstanding relationships with our clients.  

Our solicitors have direct experience in business

We can bring to bear the direct personal experience of many business issues with our Solicitors being involved themselves in start-up business ventures, incorporation and many aspects of business management. 


Lows Business Taxation advice

Our strengths in commercial practice and business law are complemented by our taxation advice where our in-house expert Ian Stout is fully cognisant with taxation as it affects individuals, partners, companies and shareholders alike. 

Let Lows help with the formalities of setting up and running a company

We can advise on the formation and management of companies and limited liability partnerships and assist with company administration and secretarial work.  We act for and advise a large number of voluntary and charitable sector organisations and can assist in the formalities of registering charities with the office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.     

Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith
Rob Learmonth
Rob Learmonth