18.56 acres (7.51ha) or thereby, Furrowend, Shapinsay, KW17 2DY

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18.56 acres
Field 3 view north to fields 2 and 1 Field 3 view north to fields 2 and 1
Field 1 looking SW Field 1 looking SW
Field 2 looking west towards Garisay and Rousay Field 2 looking west towards Garisay and Rousay
Boundary between fields 1 and 2 looking SW. Boundary between fields 1 and 2 looking SW.
Field 1 and 2 boundary ditch. Field 1 and 2 boundary ditch.
Field 3 looking west towards Mainland Orkney Field 3 looking west towards Mainland Orkney
Field 2 looking north Field 2 looking north
Looking from field 2 and 3 Looking from field 2 and 3
Field plan Field plan
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The 18.56 acres (7.51ha) or thereby is divided into three roughly equal fields and is presently in permanent grass. Field 1 slopes more steeply down to the sea from the east, Field 2 is both gently sloping and flat in other areas, and field 3 is more or less flat. All fields can be cropped or grazed as required, and they have been grazed and cropped for hay and silage in recent years.

Each field is supplied with a new water trough and brand new fencing throughout, erected in October 2018. The fencing is full height Rylock mesh with a barbed wire at the bottom and two at the top, providing excellent stock proof enclosures for both cattle, or sheep or other livestock.
The property is entered by way of two access points from the public road, with new double gates fitted at the western most access. The land is classed as Region 1 for the Basic Payment Scheme and the entitlements are included in the sale. The 2018 payment year was worth approximately £1200.

The three 12 metre high 5kW Evance wind turbines on the land are excluded from the sale, and provide supplementary electricity to the neighbouring house at Furrowend. There is a lease in place incorporating a right of access over the land for maintenance, shown in yellow on the attached map. The land included in the access is available for grazing stock by the new owner and is included in the area of land offered for sale.

The area marked in blue on the plan includes a potential building site and is being marketed separately.
The island of Shapinsay
Shapinsay is one of Orkney’s inner north isles. It is connected to Orkney Mainland and the counties capital Kirkwall by a modern scheduled roll on/roll off car and passenger ferry. The ferry runs 6 daily return journeys. Each trip takes approximately 25 minutes.

The island of Shapinsay has a population of about 320 people, in about 110 households. Many commute daily to work in Kirkwall, whilst others choose to live and work on the island.

There is a modern doctor’s surgery, and a resident nurse practitioner always on call. The island has its own primary and pre-school in Balfour village, and older pupils attend the school in Kirkwall on a daily basis.

The school is a community school, so also provides accommodation for events and clubs. The building also houses the surgery and a modern well equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts. There is also a popular play park for the younger children.

There is a well-stocked island shop and in Kirkwall, there are modern supermarkets and a great array of other shops. There is a popular café/restaurant open in summer months, along with a craft shop and Shapinsay Heritage Centre. There is a Presbyterian Church in the middle of Shapinsay.

The island operates its own Shapinsay Development Trust or SDT, which has a base at the Boathouse in the village. The SDT run several vital key services for the island, and is funded by income from the islands own community wind turbine. These include the out of hours (or OOH) Ferry passenger service. This runs in the evenings after the scheduled service has finished for the day, enabling folk to attend events and meetings in Kirkwall or come over to Shapinsay for the evening.

The OOH Ferry is also available for private hire at other times by arrangement.
The SDT also provide electric car and minibus travel for anyone wishing to get to places who don’t have a vehicle of their own, or for groups.

Shapinsay is served by a haulier, who comes over to Shapinsay most days of the week. They provide a door to door delivery service, bringing larger items and supplies from Mainland Orkney and from further south. Other hauliers transport live stock to and fro the island, along with bulkier commodities such as farm fertiliser and road material.

Shapinsay has a proud and thriving farming community, producing high quality livestock. There is an agricultural show in August and celebratory dance and ceilidh.

There is an RSPB reserve on Shapinsay. It is about one mile from the pier and about one mile from Furrowend. It is a wetland and attracts many species of both nesting and wintering birds. Large flocks of ducks such as wigeon, teal and mallard gather in winter, whilst birds such as pintail, shoveler, snipe, redshank, curlew and lapwing nest in summer. The hide sits on top of a high bank, affording spectacular views of the wildlife.

Shapinsay is a peaceful island, with many quiet roads and tracks. It is only 6 miles long at its longest point, but has a coastline of over 30 miles, consisting of a mixture of secluded sandy beaches, rocky or shingle shores and sea cliffs and stacks. It has a thriving community spirit and is above all a very safe place to be. The sea and the sky and fertile green fields are ever present, and all these things make Shapinsay a wonderful place to live.

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