Lows work hard to help clients make the most of their hard earned savings.  Our advice in this area is fully independent and at all times regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Our independent Financial Adviser Robert Adamson gives independent investment advice based on a thorough knowledge of client needs and looking at all suitable products available on the market.  Robert works closely with our Taxation Adviser Rob Learmonth to ensure that clients are able to make use of tax efficient investments wherever available.

Client investment needs are, of course, incredibly varied.  Some clients will look for safe investments offering certainty of returns, other clients will want to look at more speculative forms of investment where risk is identified as being greater but potential rewards are also greater.  Advice is available to personal clients as well as business and trusts and charitable organisations.  Our service can be as flexible as the clients own requirements.  We can offer everything from a simple “execution only” service to a full ongoing active fund management service.

We are authorised to advise on products including bond and pooled equity investments, life and protection products, pension investment and life assurance.

Robert Adamson is fully qualified holding Level 4 qualification from the Institute for Financial Services and he is assisted by Elaine Thomson.

We maintain excellent links with Stockbrokers, Actuaries and Fund Managers and are happy to refer clients on for expert advice as and when required.                                                                                         

Robert Adamson
Robert Adamson
Financial Advisor

Lows Orkney Ltd authorised regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.