Unbiased Financial Advice for the benefit of all of Lows' clients

Our Financial Adviser Robert Adamson ably assisted by Elaine Thomson is fully qualified to offer unbiased independent advice across the entire range of mortgage products.  At Lows we believe that a borrower can only be sure they will get the very best deal available if the whole mortgage market is searched for them.  A tied, non-independent adviser may only be able to advise on the products available from a single lender.  Nowadays many mortgage deals are only available for a limited period and for borrowers it is crucial they have an adviser ready at hand to guide them through the mortgage maze as straightforwardly as possible.

A full service for those purchasing a property from Lows

By having Robert working closely alongside our conveyancing Solicitors we can ensure a highly responsive service.  On occasion a client may need to be able to submit an offer very quickly at a closing date for a fixed price property and we believe we can offer an unmatched service in this area.

Robert is also able to advise existing homeowners on their options for remortgage, equity release and buy-to-let.

 End-to-End service

Our service includes assistance with client identification/money laundering checks, obtaining application forms, assisting in their completion and once a mortgage application has been made maintaining close contact with Underwriters and Mortgage Processing Centres to ensure that mortgage formalities are completed with the minimum of fuss.

Robert is happy to advise on the full range of financial products available.

Robert advises on the full range of investment, savings products linked to mortgages and also on related life protection products including life and critical illness cover and payment protection insurance.   

Robert Adamson
Robert Adamson
Financial Advisor

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