Truly independent financial advice, for the benefit of all Lows' customers

As Solicitors our fundamental duty is to have regard to the best interests of our client.  That means, to us, that we have to give entirely independent and unbiased financial advice.  We do not give advice that is driven by the need to meet sales targets or generate a commission.  We believe that providing independent client-friendly advice builds a more solid relationship with our clients and which is good for them and for us.


Lows advice is comprehensive and independent

At Lows we strive to offer the highest standards of financial advice to our personal and business clients alike.  In Scotland Solicitors have traditionally been involved in the provision of financial advice and we believe that in today’s climate being able to access informed and fully independent advice from a trusted, established adviser is more important than ever. 

Advising not Selling

We do not see financial advice as being a process of selling financial products to clients.  To us financial advice is about understanding that many  transactions will involve financial implications for our clients and being able to give clients timely and appropriate advice as part of the overall service.  For example, if a client is receiving a substantial personal injury payment then we can advise on the most appropriate way to invest proceeds having regard to their individual needs and circumstances.

A name you can trust

Alongside regulation of our legal services our financial services advice is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Our Financial Adviser Robert Adamson is fully qualified to Level 4 IFA level  and he is supported by his Investment Assistant Elaine Thomson.  Our Accountant Rob Learmonth is a Chartered Certified Accountant with over 10 years experience in personal and business taxation, his advice is available to complement the services offered by Robert and Elaine.


Robert Adamson
Robert Adamson
Financial Advisor
Rob Learmonth
Rob Learmonth

Lows Orkney Ltd authorised regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.